Pool Coping Profiles Available


Classic coping profile based on input from professional skateboarders and skatepark construction companies. This high-end coping is designed for skatepark construction. It can be used on any section in a park. This coping has a no-tile lip with 90' straight sides (no bevels). This coping requires professional installation since there are no built in guides. Stones are dimesionally accurate to 1/16" and can be set with large format tile thin-sets (LFTs).


A square lipped reproduction of backyard pool coping. The stone has a flat face that lets you lock into lengthy carve grinds but has enough radius in the nose profile so you can easily stand up on grinds. This line makes an excellent choice for backyard style bowls, rocket pockets and extensions. Shadowline was designed for fast and accurate installation without the need for a jig. The tile-lip on the bottom makes this coping easy to line up and acts as a guide to plane in porcelain tile or set flush to the surface.  Side bevels automatically set joint spacing at about 3/8". The shorter base makes Shadowline a great choice for skatepark replacement. We acquired the entire mold set second hand from the original manufacturer allowing us to offer this line at an economical price. Also offered in exposed aggregate for an additional cost and lead time.

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